Monday, March 24, 2014

saturday family date

B IMG_1580

i'm afraid that sometimes, when you've spent a saturday out at the park, and your baby touches grass for the first time and eats pizza for the first time, all on the same day, you have to post a million pictures of your heart. it's simply a requirement.

i've been looking for a playground with turf, instead of gravel, for some time (i really can't understand why any playground these days would have gravel), so when i found out that the Old Fourth Ward park had turf, i immediately made plans for us to be there on saturday morning.

what with the grass, the sun (so bright!), the turf, i guess wilder had the most perplexing and amazing day of his life so far. he didn't really get to nap much, but sacrifices must be made in the name of saturday, is what i decided, and so we went straight to fellini's for pizza and then stopped by the fernbank museum for some good old new fangled fake nature on our way home. it was possibly the most amazing day of my whole last year, too. ;) 

B IMG_1473
that sun is bright!
B IMG_1470
he was a little shell shocked to be outside and probably would have stood here the whole time if we didn't keep picking him up and putting him down in new places. 
B IMG_1480
B IMG_1491
my perplexed, squinty little man.
B IMG_1508
but suddenly, on the move!
1B IMG_15102B IMG_1521
you can't imagine what all we found down there. leaves! grass! cigarette butts! :/
B IMG_1542
missed a nap!

B IMG_1543
B IMG_1548
B IMG_1554
B IMG_1559
B IMG_1619
4B IMG_16433B IMG_1674
and exploring the fake nature at fernbank for some perspective;)
B IMG_1668

fake turtles!

to cap it all off, lover and i went on a date that night after we put the baby to bed. first date in over 11 months! that is something to write about. well, maybe i will, if you're lucky. ;) but for now, loverboy is giving me the eye so that i will help him screw hardware on to our finally painted kitchen cabinet doors. romance is alive! ;) 


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  1. I feel sure that there are at least a million more pictures you could have posted...but these will do for now, I suppose. ;) What a pensive little love your no-longer-baby little man is! So handsome. xx.