Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a date with my loverboy


for the first time in 11 months and 2 weeks, loverboy and i hired a babysitter on saturday night and went out on a date. i remember when i was a kid someone told me that you have to put work into your marriage. i really didn't understand it at the time, but having grown up with divorced parents and now being married myself, i really believe that our marriage should take precedence in our life as a family. even for our child's sake. i think that a happy, stable married life is a gift you can give your children. it is their security, knowing that you are happy.

however, it's easy to say that; not as easy to do it. i'm not sure why, but we have all kinds of excuses for not spending time/energy/money on our marriage. tragically, it's easier to spend that time/money/energy on ourselves or on our baby than it is to spend it on each other. we don't have it figured out, as we all know. but we are trying. and that's something.

after putting the baby down, we parked ourselves over at Parker's on Ponce in decatur for a long, leisurely steak dinner. and then we walked down to Java Monkey for a decaf americano, because it's not a date without coffee says my loverboy. you can never have too much coffee in your life.

thanks for the date, loverboy! it was so lovely.


p.s. here's a tip for your dating life: get all your fights out that morning, so that come evening, you're all made up and ready to be extra kind to each other on your date. ;)

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  1. fight in the a.m. and recover by the same p.m....you guys have a short recovery time!