Thursday, March 27, 2014

wilder in 2014, week 13

ww 3_27

i love right now. it is such a great stage. i've actually really felt that about each stage, but right now is particularly good. there's something about the brink of toddlerhood that is just amazing because while you are still holding on to your baby, he is doing amazing things like trying to walk and suddenly noticing there's a dog next door and reading his own books. loverboy jokes that we know wilder is my baby because he has more books than toys. i don't think that's actually true, but i wish it were;)

i can't handle that his one-year birthday is just 2 weeks from today. please can we stay here for a little (or a lot) longer?

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  1. They get even cuter and funnier, especially when they start to say more and have more of their own will. Of course that comes with more screams and protests for certain things but the goods outweigh the bads :)