Monday, June 16, 2014

April's family photo shoot


in april we got to do a family photo shoot in a little park tucked away in Buckhead. we had been trying to do it since the fall but bad weather, bad weather and more bad weather kept preventing us, so when we finally made it out in April and everything was beautiful and blooming, it was so dreamy. also, april was perfect because everything was green again and it was nice and cool outside.

we had so much with with our photographer, who captured our little breakfast picnic of croissants (wilder's favorite part) plus coffee cake and clementines so beautifully. we could not have asked for a more beautiful backdrop for our first professional family photo shoot!

wilder was thrilled that he had so many clementines to bite into (oops! we didn't realize until half way through that he was actually biting through the skins, haha.). i just love this age. everything is new and interesting, and since he doesn't really know exactly what's going on, even boring family photo shoots are fun!

i'm really happy with these photos. i think we look so young and carefree, which is not at all how we are feeling these days, haha. ahhh parenthood. it just makes you feel old and tired and a little crazy half the time, doesn't it? or maybe that's just us? but anyways, it was so nice to take a morning off from real life to dress up and eat croissants in the park. i highly recommend it. ;) i'm already making plans to do it again soon.



  1. These pictures are ALL soo awesome! Beautiful! Definitely could be/should be in a magazine. And yes to feeling tired, old and crazy...Shew!

  2. I cannot even begin to describe how happy these pictures make me...and how much I love the people in them. :) Hugs to all, and 1000 giant kisses to that happy, dapper, heart-stealingly adorable, bow-tied, hipster-licious little man.

    En fin de compte, quelle belle famille! xoxo.

  3. I think W and A are soul brothers. the only way A will eat a clementine is if it is unpeeled and he gets to bite into it and suck out all the juice. #notfancy

  4. oh and um...way to look AMAZING Graces!