Saturday, June 21, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 25

ww 6_21

wilder's weekly, just in time for the end of the week! i took wilder to a splash pad in atlanta this week for the first time. he enjoyed it, but let's just say that his favorite thing was -- as always -- the stair steps leading down to the playground (and back up again!). we are at that phase where he just likes doing one thing over and over again. particularly anything involving walking - stairs, hills, bridges, basically anything that has an incline or uneven surface, are all very exciting right now. and as a result, two very skinned knees. :/

i recently read this article about 10 things you have to do if you are a mother of a boy. it was hilarious and seemed pretty dead on as far as my experience goes. one of them was you have to rethink your standards of safety. so far, that's happening. except i haven't really embraced a new standard of safety, i'm just realizing that this boy is bound and determined to get some bumps and scrapes here and there.    it's all a little scary for me. apparently more scary for me than for him.

oh, and those two little things in his hands? yeah, not little pebbles like i thought as he was carrying them around. nope. those are two little raisins he found on the ground, as i discovered when he finally handed them to me. thanks, baby, thanks.

life with this boy is fun. exhausting! but fun. :)

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