Monday, February 8, 2016

a birthday, a party, and a cake for evie


it feels a little strange to be posting photos of evie's first birthday when i haven't even posted a birth announcement for her yet...although obviously she has been here for awhile. i plan to eventually get around to announcing her.

evie turned one on january 8th, 2016, a year exactly from the date she was born. amazing. both days were amazing. this year's january 8th was doubly amazing because there was cake and pink tutu dresses and little stockings with hearts on the knees. and a little girl who looked a lot more like a princess and a lot less like a wrinkly, red, asian newborn. just calling it like it is. ;)

but also, because --

this past year with you, evie, has been nothing short of magical. i know i keep saying it, and i know you will get tired of that word. but you are more than i ever dreamed you would be. you are sunshine and light and all the sugar and spice i could ever need.

i love that you are so determined to get what you want. you are always so insistent that it is your right to have the things that you want, and while it can be frustrating at times to spend all day sitting in front of the electrical socket because you insist on pulling the plug out, i love your strength of will. i hope you will always have it and that you will choose wisely and with heart.

i love that you are so full of snuggles, that you snuggle into my shoulder and put your thumb in your mouth and are so content to just be with me, safe and warm in my arms. even if that is all we do all day, that is plenty for me. i will never get tired of your warm little marshmallow body in my arms, even if you are definitely heavier now than you were a year ago. the weight of you is joy itself.

i love your funny little cartoon voice. you really do sound a little bit like porky the pig. maybe elmer fudd too. it is literally the best sound on earth (next to your brother), and i could listen to you all day. i hope you never stop telling me things.

i love your nose-wrinkling smile. sometimes you breathe really fast in and out through clenched teeth too, and it's probably only interesting to me, but i love it so.much.

i love the little hip wiggle dance you've always done in your high chair. you just learned to shake your head and you've added that, which is hilarious. you charmer you.

i love the giggle i always hear when wilder is playing with you. i'm always worried he's going to squeeze you too hard or something, but clearly you think it's the bees knees.

now that we've had a year to think about it -- we all think you're pretty great.

we love you so much!


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