Friday, February 5, 2016

weekly portraits



i'm probably (totally) setting myself up for disaster by even titling this a weekly portrait, because we all know how good i am at that kind of commitment. but -- it's still an aspiration, and i'm still going to try. maybe it won't be weekly; we'll see how this year goes.

w & e right now:


still has a killer smile. his best smile is when he's laughing, and it's not a fake laugh but the laugh he gets when papa or i make a funny face. he giggles hysterically and then he says "i'm playing a game with you."
still two months from being three but if you ask how old anyone is (like me), he will tell you they are three. except evienne. she might be 100.
still prefers crackers and fruit to every other food, but we're working on it.
still occasionally takes naps, after all. which is not really a good thing for our early mornings, but eh.
still loves being outside, which is somehow so hard for me. thank goodness for weekends and papas who like grilling.
also, likes to hold my hand and lead me around when we do go outside.
still hugs his "big teddy" to sleep every night. i think we might actually finally have a problem if we were to ever lose big teddy. hmmm.
getting ever so good at reasoning:
still only likes about half the daniel tiger and tumble leaf episodes.
loves to play hide and laying down in the middle of the floor in plain sight. i'm still supposed to find him. ;)
asks me to snuggle him when i'm tucking him into bed.


is truly sneaky evie. she is always always always climbing up on a table or a box or a chair or the stairs or finding her way to the dog food or something equally sneaky. she's like a little cat slash monkey. look at her face in that photo up there. that's her sneaky face. she thinks she's being sneaky because i put her up on the bench to take her photo, but you can just tell how sneaky she feels, can't you? ;)
has the shriekiest shrillest scream ever when she can't have what she wants or you take something away from her.
still sucks her thumb and lays her head down on me (or whatever part of me she can reach) a million times a day. it's completely the sweetest thing ever.
is walking, but still prefers crawling most of the time.
says "mama," but probably still not with meaning.
can clap, wave, and sign "all done."
sounds exactly like porky the pig, minus the words.
still takes a good long afternoon nap, for which i am eternally grateful. may it never end.
has 6.5 teeth and eats everything, but she especially likes savory combinations.

they both:

need me and want what the other has all the live long day.
and have all my heart all the live long day.

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