Thursday, February 4, 2016

a bathtime story


i just kind of love the progression of these photos. there's no real story to tell here. oh but, you say, you need a story? ok, how's this:

once upon an evening i bathed my children. papa added some bubble bath as papas are wont to do. then he put the bubbles on the babies' heads. wilder examined the bubbles on his hands for a few moments, and then decided to freak out. "wipe me! wipe me!" he screamed as i pointed my camera at him. "i need a napkin!" he despaired. meanwhile, evie took some of the bubbles from the side of the tub and gave them a taste. needs something..., she thought as she gazed off. then she noticed that i was taking a picture and gave me The Look. you know. the look that says What Are You Doing? Take That  Camera Out of Here. so i did. by then, wilder had been washed of the offending bubbles, and at that point evie decided to test the bubbles' load-bearing capacity. needless to say, they are not as strong as they look, and we got to test evie's breath-holding capacity while we fished her out of the bath. :/

i'm glad it's all over and now we can joke about it, because it was a little scary at the time. these children. testing my heart's ability to stop on a dime on a nearly daily basis. mothering is NOT for the faint of heart.

the end.

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