Wednesday, February 3, 2016

note to self: this time right now


that top photo there might just be my new favorite photo of my babies. aren't they sweet? it's like this all day long. well, that and crying and screaming and pushing each other. it's all very zen over here. ;)

i'm so happy that wilder has a little friend. even though it's been an adjustment for everyone, and there is the usual amount of jealousy and sharing-issues, i can just tell that he loves having a little sister. watching him hug, kiss and love on her (hearing her giggle at him!!) fills my heart up to overflowing. the other day i was in the kitchen and heard: "mommy, evie's walking!" it took a minute for that to sink in but i ran out as soon as i could and found him holding her hand and walking with her in the dining room. it made my heart explode. then i tried to grab a camera and she fell down.

on saturday morning while i was getting dressed wilder pulled out the changing pad from the pack and play that's stored under our bed, called it his little boat, and pulled evie inside. they played happily with my jewelry for several minutes in it, and every time evie got out, wilder would pull her back in, haha.

i also know wilder loves having evie around, because he asked me the other day if we were going to have lots of babies. {big-eyed emoji here} haha! we will see about that!

these two make my days part adventure in delight and part exploration in exhaustion. but oh, it is so worth it!

also, tell me, do you see the family resemblance in evie? because we still don't understand when people say she and wilder look just alike. i can't see it.


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