Tuesday, February 2, 2016

goings on around here


the kids have been sick since thanksgiving, and i don't think i'm exaggerating. so what with that and it being cold outside and all our little friends being sick too......it's safe to say we have a little bit of cabin fever going on. here are a few snippets of the goings on around here from last week and this past weekend.

this post is alternatively titled: it was the best of pink eye; it was the worst of pink eye.

the best part of pink eye is that neither J nor i have gotten it yet (knock on wood; my throat has been feeling scratchy since sunday morning so we had pity on everyone at church and stayed away).

the worst part of pink eye is it lasts so dang long! also, three of the four people in this house got no sleep (which may not be entirely related to pink eye). and, putting ointment in kids' eyes is not particularly exciting either.

the other best part of pink eye is that it makes you slow down and enjoy life at home. i usually like to try to get out of the house in the mornings, but ever since the sicknesses have hit (and kept on hitting), we've been able to get to so many things we usually miss.

for instance:

evie has had more time for magazine and book tearing.
wilder got to bring home a balloon from the grocery store and fight with evie over it.
wilder also gave himself a checkup and needed more bandaids. even teddy has some boo boos.

when we did finally make it out of the house on saturday, the sun was out, so i hijacked our errands running and took us to the park instead. evie has never really been awake at a park before, so it was her first time exploring. everything is new and amazing for babies. it is one of my favorite things to see.

all in all, not too bad a week for the pink eye. although i would probably have disagreed at certain points  --  like around 3 and 5 am which are wilder's preferred hours to slam open his door, turn on his light, then slam open our door and stand there looking at us until we take him back to his bed. a side effect of pink eye or just part of your ongoing sleep training, it's hard to say. in any case, he no longer naps, so that's been fun too. ;)

evie has also been practicing walking! she is nearly at half the living room now!
evie is majoring in the science and art of tearing up all wilder's books. and my magazines.

tiny hands! they kill me.
my sweet boy.
bored out of his mind?
or maybe contemplating the properties of helium?
so many bandaids.
papa stuffed me in here, i have no idea what i'm supposed to do next. help?
her first time crawling across wood chips, she's so deprived!
wrapping her head around a slide.
i love seeing these two together! 
wilder is getting really heavy but i can't help holding him all the time still.
oh my gosh this ponytail you guys. i scream a little inside every time i see it.

that's it! the end! go wash your hands now!

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