Monday, February 22, 2016

date night at the high museum {a film!}

on friday night, j and i got a babysitter and went on a date to the high museum. it had been awhile and we were out of practice, so we...missed our exit, sat in traffic, took a wrong turn, circled a few parking garages (j), got super car sick (me)...basically it was like a normal day with us! ;) but we did make it to the museum! it was definitely worth all the crazy and hopefully we'll do it again sometime. especially since that was j's first time to the high, and we barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. the high is amazing! you should go! also, tickets are half-price on the third friday of every month and it stays open late, so there's your next date night planned! boom.

we also made a little video of our date, if you want to see it. with some extra cool shots of our bedroom/bathroom/closet which will probably make you feel really good about yours, as those are the last areas of our house to remain untouched. you're welcome. ;)

thanks for the date, j! always a pleasure looking at art with you!


  1. so i usually read your blog secretly while i am at work (wait what?)--but i've been swamped so i've gotten WAY behind...but i have to say, this was worth the wait. absolutely lovelovelove it. also incredibly impressed that you managed to film your own date. so so so cool. xo

    1. thank you!!!! means the world to me:)