Friday, February 19, 2016

weekly portraits



likes me to chase and tickle him.
calls hummus "thomas."
always asks me to sing "the trash can song". there is no melody and no formal wording. if he asks you to sing it, you should make up your own tune and sing about putting him in the trash can and giving him all the food he likes to eat (fruit, yogurt, sweets, crackers). i always like to throw in things like spaghetti, hamburgers, pad thai and sweet potatoes, too. subliminal messaging, you know.
says "come here, evie" in the cutest, sweetest little voice ever.
likes to take "airplane" rides on my legs.
used to like to share my lipstick and chapstick, but no longer. hence the chapped lips.
just discovered that my eyebrows have hair on them. then leaned in to hug me. it felt a little consolatory. haha!


is still finding these kazoo lips from her birthday all over the house and putting them in her mouth. then i always take a picture, because it's the cutest thing i've ever seen.
is starting to cry at every meal if i don't give her her own utensil to play with.
tries to put on wilder's hats, which is also the cutest thing i've ever seen.
likes to shake her head really fast (but it looks like slow motion because she's one) when she's in her high chair. a propos of nothing. it's hilarious.
has only recently been introduced to the park (while awake) and gets very solemn whenever i put her down.
has a shy side.
starts scrambling and breathing so hard it sounds like a wheeze whenever she sees an open gate. ha!
hates to have her hands held.


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  1. Well those two are just precious! Love the lips!