Thursday, February 18, 2016

in real life


it's funny (or possibly not at all funny) how sometimes it feels like i'm living two lives — a virtual life, where i am looking at/pondering things from other people's lives that i see online, and my real life, that has zero to do with any of those things on line. it's funny and sad actually, because it's much too easy to try to have this online life and to get caught up in it, when it's not real at all. which is a weird thing to say on a blog. i don't mind if you want to stop reading now and go back to your real life. i don't mind talking to myself here. ;)

in my virtual life, lately, i've been lusting after other people's instagram feeds. more specifically, i've been lusting after their marble countertops and beautiful kitchen fireplaces. and then that sort of trails over into my real life with me starting to think, where's MY marble countertop and beautiful fireplace??

but in real life, that's not what's happening at all. in real life, i'm thinking about delaying pre-school, instead of sending them in the fall, which is what i was originally thinking. is that bad? talk me out of it. i don't know what i'm doing here.

in real life, i'm trying to make date night happen. it's been waaaay too long (or it feels like it anyways) since we had a date night, and we are sorely in need of some child-free time.

in real life, i'm thinking about dinner (always and never in equal measure;). i hate making dinner, by the way. did you know? i told j this morning that i would try to make dinner tonight. but i basically always make dinner, so that was really b-speak for "or maybe i won't." ha! so far, i have a kale salad that i made yesterday (sooo good! totally worth the hassle!) and defrosting chicken thighs. who knows what will become of them.

in real life, we have probably gone far too many days in our pajamas.

in real life, i'm thinking about throwing out most of the toys, because basically a few boxes are all kids need to be happy (and maybe something to climb on) and because i'm really done with picking them all up at the end of every night. i know i need to train them to help, but we're spread thin on the battlefront right now.

in real life, i'm hoping all our travel plans for this year pan out, because we traveled basically zero last year, and it was necessary, but i so have the wanderlust.

in real life, wilder has been coming to sleep on the couch with me in the middle of the night for the past week and a half (j is quarantined in our room with the flu), and it was really dreamy the first night. after that, i've gotten really mad in the middle of the night every night, and i feel really bad when other people talk about how they always let their kids sleep with them, and i worry that i'm a terrible mother. but also, i need some sleep.

in real life, we have walked a giant circle around our house, me carrying evie on my back, wilder holding my hand and yelling at lars to "come on!" and "be careful lars! don't fall down there!" (talking about the drainage ditch on the side of our house), while we search for rocks for his rock collection and play red light/green light, a million times.

in real life, we found a dandelion in the yard and blew (spit) on it and also went to the park twice, so that means spring is here, right?

in real life, i'm wondering what you do to boost an immune system? is there a doctor that specializes in that? maybe i need to crowd-source this topic. which might be hard if i'm talking to myself. hmmm. anybody?

these photos of my darlings from around here lately are totally worth your virtual (and real) time:

evie has yet to meet a box or a basket that did not demand she dump out its contents and climb inside it. it's practically compulsive. like a cat.

my handsome boy


teething i think?


little friends.

everything in the mouth. wilder is now refusing to let evie taste his toys.

that kale salad i was telling you about

scream crying at me to pick her up



  1. Institute toy rotation before you ditch them all. It's always nice to have a big box for when friends come over to play or a forgotten for 2 weeks box when you are stuck inside for sickness or weather. Just my opinion. Lisa has immune supplements. Ask her! I think I will too. :) -Grace

    1. Excellent idea! And I will, thanks!!

  2. I love that your kids are so frequently in their pajamas in your photos! It makes me feel better about my kids living in theirs. And I'm constantly envious of the beautiful natural light in everyone else's but my house in the virtual life. And I hate making dinner too. Sometimes I forget about it, and then I get angry when dinnertime rolls around and everyone looks to me for food. I never let my kids sleep with me, because I'm selfish and I want to actually sleep when I sleep..... Also, in my real life, my kids don't nap at the same time at all these days. One of them is napping from 10-5, and then it's the dreaded dinner time. So if I want to leave the house, it has to be before ten. And training the kids to clean up isn't al it's cracked up to be (for me. so far.), because the fit-throwing and dawdling involved increase picking-up time exponentially! Just thought I'd throw in some Fuller real life things to make you feel better! Oh. And we do red light green light all day, every day here too.

    1. There always seems to be tons of natural light in all your photos too! I guess photos can be deceptive! ;) angry! Yes! Hahaha. And yeah, w has basically given up his nap so he has rest time sometimes and I push Evie to wait for her nap but I'm sure she'd much rather go down earlier but I need atleast 30 minutes kid-free time happy to hear from you!