Monday, February 29, 2016

climbing stone mountain {a film!}

after approximately zero exercise for the last...ever since wilder was born? so...almost three years? j and i decided to climb a mountain. with our two toddlers. at first i thought this was a super good idea (sarcastically, obviously) and envisioned my babies falling off the mountain and tried to talk j out of it. he had never been, so he didn't know how horribly steep it got at the top. (it doesn't. but in my memory it became this sheer rock face that no one would survive.) but he didn't believe me and suddenly, a windy, chilly saturday morning seemed like the perfect time to attempt such an outing. we packed a picnic, bundled everyone up and put on our best hiking faces. i have to say i am quite proud of j for being the first up and getting us all out the door in record time! thanks j!

when we got to the mountain, everything was basically perfect. we couldn't have asked for better weather. the climb was really beautiful. evie stayed happy in a carrier on j's back the entire time (literally not a peep!)! wilder climbed almost the entire thing by himself! and we crossed something off our list of "things j hasn't done in atlanta"! it was definitely a thing to document. good thing we made a little film! it's a little long, but basically we look at these as family home movies that we will love watching later on, so we edited a lot, but just couldn't cut some parts out. hope you enjoy it:)


  1. Love love! Brought back so many memories of my childhood!

  2. now i want to go too!!!! also did you film all this on iphones??

    1. nicole, yes a lot of it is shot on iPhones, and some of it shot on my dslr...but actually the iPhone footage was better! :)