Monday, February 15, 2016

weekly portraits (from last week)



likes to break apart sugar snap pea pods bit by bit to eat the peas inside.
doesn't like to wear socks.
has all the excuses in the world to keep from going to bed.
still calls a flamingo a "feengowo". please can that go on forever?
is almost ready for another botched haircut by yours truly.
will occasionally get into bed with me in the morning and actually go back to sleep, and it's just about the best thing ever.
is obsessed with this book "bon appetit" about a little boy named Bertie who gets lost in his hotel in Paris while finding food (pie, cheese, fruit, juice...basically wilder's entire food lexicon). meanwhile in real life (in actual real life), dinner is a battle every night.


likes to throw unwelcome food on the floor.
teething all the time.
still falls asleep like a champ, pretty much anywhere (bless her!).
is walking so well now, but hasn't completely figured out turning or stopping.
is looking good in all of her big brother's clothes.
is the cutest thing in pigtails, ever.
has a babble that sounds like "yummy yummy yummy" when i bring food out to the table at mealtimes.
stares up at her new ceiling stars in awe when i'm putting her down at night.

and now for some photos i took during one of the days last week when we were cooped up inside. i'm not sure when's the last time any of us saw any sunshine. well technically the sun was shining on saturday when i took them out to the park in 36 degree temperature, which i realize sounds so wimpy to all your northerners, but to us southerners with flu lurking in all the corners of our house, it seemed way too cold to be out. also, we don't have big winter coats.


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