Tuesday, February 16, 2016

note to self: the truth about right now


right now is sucking a little bit, if you want the truth. from the flu that just keeps giving (apparently you can give yourself pink eye?!) to the been-inside-for-what-feels-like-years-now to the resentments congealing on top of every little tone, it's not been the most stellar of februaries (last year's was pretty terrible too now i think about it...winter is not our time of year...), and i'm sorry to say i've not been hitting it out of the park in the grace and forbearance department. often in these kinds of circumstances, i put my head down, grimace and bear it. i just try to get through it, and basically will the days away. i go through the motions of breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, with some laundry-folding, fight-break-up-ing, book-reading, dish-washing in between. and it pretty much is awful, until a change of scene, a bit of sunshine, some friends, and some gratitude intervenes.

yesterday, it hit me: you need some gratitude.

then, a friend texted me. and i was miserable and complain-y. i may have cried a little into my daughter's bib. and then, i started to count my blessings, because i have so many, but they can be easy to lose sight of sometimes.

today,  i'm grateful for:

1. the chance to be home with my babies...even if i sometimes wish that would look a little bit more like this and a little bit less like this.

2. our new coffee maker, which i teased j for getting (i'm convinced he is incapable of being satisfied with any coffee for long), but now i take all my eye rolls back. all of them.

3. the coziest slippers j got me this past winter.

4. love day flowers and that giant box of chocolate-covered strawberries that i ate almost all by myself.

5. the sweetness of my baby boy napping. oh gosh his little face! i get so frustrated when he won't stay in his room at nap time, and then i practically melt all over his face when i go to wake him up.

6. the sweetest, cuddliest, huggable-est baby toddler girl who is still more baby than toddler. (let it always be so!)

7. the best of friends who are just a text away.

8. the best of friends who send you flowers overnight.

there! i mean, what was i even complaining about yesterday (and all weekend long;)??

i am really the luckiest.

and i'm ever so grateful.



  1. my right now is a little sucky, too, and this post made me happy. all the pics <3 all the things <3

    1. i'm sorry about your right now, too, but i'm glad if this made you a little happier. wishing you better times (and wishing i could send myself there too!)! love you!