Monday, March 21, 2016

a papa and his babies


because i spend most of my photo-taking time during the work week when it's just me and the kids, it's easy to miss out on all the photos of the papa with his babies. weekends have always been a little whirlwind in our house, as we desperately try to squeeze in all the fun + errands + naps we don't get to during the week, and this weekend was no exception. relaxing in my pajamas with a coffee in my hand while sunlight streams through the windows and everyone is making happy noises and without having to jump out of my seat every five seconds for something on a saturday morning is currently on my hope-to-do-soon list, but so far it's not to be. i don't know why, because i feel like everyone else in the world does this, but not us! haha.

our papa works so hard during the week, and so when he gets home in the evenings it's usually a mad dash to get in a few bites of dinner before it's bath and bedtime for the kids. usually there is no time for photos or relaxing around the table of any kind (little kids are unacquainted with this idea of relaxing at the table, or table manners in general apparently;).

but for a few moments there, friday and saturday afternoons, everyone was relaxing and happy at home and i got some shots of our papa with his babies. everyone else has said this, and it's totally true: seeing your man loving on your kids is just THE best feeling in the world. it makes me deliriously happy.

here are some happy photos to make you happy too :)



  1. Oh these shots are so lovely and have me thinking I need to capture Mikey (my husband) with the boys more, even if he is a little camera shy! Good job, mama! xx

    1. Claire, thank you! i know what you mean -- it can be hard to capture our papa too (or anyone really!) because the instant the camera comes out they get shy! :)