Thursday, March 10, 2016

double jogging


so this wasn't on my january list, but...i've decided to have a jogging stroller. as in, i think i'm planning to go jogging? yes. yes, i am planning to go jogging. with two kids. even though i'm being all weird about this (because i'm afraid to commit to things because i can't stand to not follow through), i'm actually really excited! i used to be sort of a runner. not like i ever did anything more than a 5k, but i used to like to go running. i was even training for a half marathon when i got pregnant with wilder (almost four years ago!?) and then gladly took the excuse to stop doing anything but eat. (i'm only mostly sure i can let go of that excuse now that i'm not pregnant or nursing anyone;).

but we made plans to go to the beach recently and then i bought a swimsuit and then i tried it on and...then i decided i needed to start exercising again. haha. honestly, swimsuit season was never much of a motivator for me before because apart from a beach trip here and there, i haven't really found a lot of good swimming here in Atlanta. and i was hardly going to bust my butt for months for a few wimpy days of swimming was i? no i was not. but that was when i wasn't old and...saggy. that's the only word i have for it. it's not pretty, this getting old and having babies thing. i mean, it's B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! but sometimes it's not super kind to the body. and it's all starting to hit me this year.

so, i bought a jogging stroller and yesterday i took it out on a super-mini maiden voyage at stone mountain before joining some friends at the playground. i did intend for the run to be longer, but i made the mistakes of 1. getting there later than i planned and 2. parking at the playground and putting wilder in the stroller in plain view of it while his friends started playing and also, 3. not having exercised in 4 years. thus, i jogged for 7 minutes yesterday and i'm still counting it as day one. i'm planning to make this a regular 3x/week thing. i'll let you know how it goes, and you can decide if i deserve to call myself a jogger again. ;)

seeing these two sweet heads in front of me is the best part.

the sweetest girl in the world.

still spending most of her time on the ground.

three little monkeys!

climbing on all the things, as expected.

wilder's little friend theo. he was being so sweet with her! 

wilder has a new obsession with playing in the dirt. ha. 

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