Tuesday, March 8, 2016

sunday evening at lullwater park


on sunday we played hooky yet again from church (i'm starting to feel really bad about this, but we are trying to keep away from any more germs right now) and did some things around the house. then after evie's nap we decided to show j lullwater park. wilder, baby evie and i went exactly a year ago with my brother and sister-in-law when they were here visiting us last march, but j was at work then, so he didn't get to discover it with us. and evie was an infant so she didnt enjoy it much either, haha. anyways, we end up getting out of the house a lot on the weekends and sometimes we are dumb and do things like run errands, but at the last minute on sunday (we were literally in the car heading somewhere else), we decided to have some fun and relax since we'd spent a good part of the weekend working on projects.

at first, as i instructed j to park at the veteran's hospital and then proceeded to lead him down a strange, secluded trail, he was not very convinced i knew what i was doing (i actually wasn't one hundred percent sure either;). but when we didn't stumble on any hobos and came across a really beautiful, old castle-tower-looking building, he changed his mind. doesn't this place look gorgeous? it is one of atlanta's little secret parks. i think it's emory property? there is this long suspension bridge and a pond for feeding ducks and geese and a perfect little lawn for throwing frisbees (or eating sticks;).

we had such a good time exploring (j) and feeding the geese (w) (and i'm bummed i didn't get any pictures of this) and trying to walk on the grass (evie). we saw a hawk knock a baby squirrel out of a tree (the squirrel was on the ground but okay while we were there). we climbed a grassy knoll and played under a magnolia tree. we ran and rolled around on the grass until we had grass stains everywhere and our noses were starting to get sniffly. it was rather lovely just spending time together as a family outdoors in the beautiful weather and beautiful setting. i am really, really hoping that spring will stay a little longer than it normally does this year, because it's been so good to be outside. also hoping spring allergies hold off a little longer, too.

i am already making plans to come back to this little gem of a park. with a picnic next time!

that castle building i was talking about.

he is so sweet to her sometimes. ;)

i don't think he knocked her over? but it sure does look like it. and it's possible. ;P

she was having a really hard time walking on the uneven ground and spent half the time trying to get back up.

and the other half of the time finding things to eat. ;)

intrepid grassy knoll climber. 

giant magnolia tree to play under

throwing rocks in the water on our trip back across the bridge

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