Wednesday, March 23, 2016

goings on around here


we've been running errands and doing all the laundry and spending entirely too much time in the car and negotiating with toddlers about getting into the car again (both of them are not so happy with that) this week. I haven't experienced atlanta traffic in a while since being a stay-at-home mom means that you get to not be on the road during rush hour, and i have not missed it one bit. and i kind of forgot how horrible it can be.

but it looks like we're getting all the things done on our to-do list (one of life's simple pleasures is checking things off a to-do list, am i right?), and i am currently feeling much happier with life than i was on monday. monday was a small bear, for reasons which are all small and uninteresting. i was a grumpity grump, and then of course my children followed suit, because that's what children do. which has helped me in the past realize that i needed to change my attitude because i'm passing everything that i am down (such a scary thought!).

but tuesday has been much better, and it is always a mood lifter to realize that we have leftovers for dinner. these photos have not much to do with this post except that they show us as we are in life at this stage: climbing + baskets + plants + everything in the mouth = that's my evie-girl. goofy + crazy + obsessed with star wars and blue's clues + so imaginative = that's my wileybear. he reminds me more and more of myself. and she is becoming such a fascinating little person. i think i like these two poppets a lot.


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