Friday, March 4, 2016

life with two kids


i talked a little bit about this earlier this week (or last week? gosh these weeks are blurring together!), but i am really loving life with two these days. for awhile after we had evie, life with two felt a little on the impossible side. i imagine it's not so different from what most people experience. for me, the adjustment from 1 to 2 was waaaaaay harder than from 0 to 1. and i actually kinda sorta (knock on wood) believe it's harder than the adjustment of 2 to 3 would be.

the hardest part is learning to juggle. that's what the adjustment is. with my first kid, i was adjusting from a self-centered life to an other-centered life. which is hard, but manageable, because there was still another parent i could hand the baby off to. but with two, i was outnumbered, and rarely could i hand both babies off to anyone. and their needs were so different! one wanted all of my physically and the other wanted all of me emotionally and psychologically! and both at the same time! the crying some days would start to make the back of my neck cramp. i just wanted to curl up in a dark corner and cry. i guess maybe i did, but i don't remember now. ;)

because right now, life with two is amazing. while, yes, i am still constantly juggling two different cries for attention, evienne is now at an age where they can entertain each other and play together. sometimes without fighting! there have even been a few days where i made dinner with no one crying! say what?! i know. rare, but still.

and that photo above with wilder putting his arm around evienne? gold. pure gold. this is the magic i live for. so you know how i said that it was spring over here? turns out, it's not. i packed us off to the park on wednesday only to discover that it was far too wet and cold for us to really enjoy it. wilder of course was not taking no for an answer so we stood and watched some tennis for awhile before heading off to donut king for evie's first donut. you guys, i did not stage this picture. sometimes it kills me how sweet they can be to each other. (also sometimes not so sweet, but who's counting?;)
it makes all the tears and wanting to be held all day long and little hands pulling at my hair and my clothes and never eating an entire meal seated and never peeing alone and having to schedule in showers and constantly reteaching how to play nicely....worth it. so, so, so worth it. these tiny people bring so much love into my world.


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