Thursday, March 3, 2016

let them eat donuts!


i basically consider donuts a rite of passage. like, have you really lived if you haven't had a good donut? i mean a good donut. not one of those other ones. well, in my book, it's just one of those things that should be on every bucket list.

i can chart my love for donuts back to my first year (second year? it's all blurring now) of college when my friend and i bought a box of those entennmann's rich dark chocolate donuts. you know the kind i'm talking about. like, whatever it's made with is probably still in my system, because those things are not real food. but when you're 18, you can eat whatever you want, and it won't make you sick. on the contrary, it was the most amazing thing i'd ever eaten. are you grossed out now? well, that's where my true love for donuts began. after college i lived in anaheim, california for a few years, where i discovered so many good donuts. and so many bad donuts! there were donuts on every corner! it was insane! actually that same friend believed they were some kind of front business because there couldn't be that many people buying all those donuts! winchel's were pretty good, i remember. especially after staying up all night!

now, donuts are like a thing. there are so many gourmet donuts everywhere! and i know i'm always drooling over the instagrammed donuts of california. it really looks like they know their donuts over there. hopefully one day i'll be back to check out these new and improved donuts.

but for now, we get our donuts at a humble little place in snellville called donut king. it only stays open till 1:30 and they make a limited amount of donuts. and i guarantee these donuts will make you sick! not because they're bad but because basically all donuts make you sick? because they're like fried sugar? but these donuts are so, so good. they remind me of the donuts i had in anaheim. the good ones, that is.

ok so what i'm really trying to talk about is how we ended up introducing evie to her first donut at donut king yesterday. having been hoodwinked by so many days of amazing weather in a row, we thought we'd go to the park again yesterday. but when we got there (is it only me who gets into the car in a garage and then only finds out upon arriving at a destination that it's waaay colder than the garage led me to believe??) i suddenly remembered that it had rained the night before and it was super windy and cold out — much colder than we had dressed for (or else i'm a lame, paranoid southerner). so i convinced wilder that we needed to leave the park to go get a treat. usually this works like a charm, but it actually took a little convincing this time.

so we packed ourselves back into the car and went to donut king. the only way to have your first donut in these parts, in my opinion. although i'm not sure if you can tell by her face, i'm pretty sure she loved her first donut! (duh.) you should have seen her grab that thing and cram it in her mouth! it reminds me of this photo i took of wilder's first donut. haha.

naturally, wilder inhaled his and tried to eat mine, too. naturally, i didn't share. ;)


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