Monday, April 4, 2016

a visit from friends


last week one of my oldest, dearest friends came to stay with her husband, little boy and pregnant belly;). it had been almost four years (their wedding) since i'd seen her in person, but it felt like no time at all had passed. i think that's always true of the friends you are most comfortable and at home with. it also helps that we text almost daily, so there isn't a period of "catching up" on what our respective lives are like right now. i love modern technology for that reason alone, because most of my closest friends are at least states away, not to mention time zones. there was actually one point when three of my closest friends all lived in different countries! i also think it's interesting that most of the friends i have kept closest to are the oldest ones. friends i made in infancy, almost. and now we are all flung around the world and country. but it can almost (almost) feel like we are together every day, when we are constantly texting stories and photos to each other. weird and wonderful. to me it's like having real sisters, and i cherish it so much.

but anyways, finally being able to sit across the table and drink a cup of coffee (and munch a donut, that's important!;) while we watch our littles roll over each other on the floor, was sooo good. there was a lot of kid refereeing, a lot of making/serving/cleaning up food (per usual), a lot of coffee drinking, a lot of talking. one day we took the kids outside in the yard, and evie promptly jumped into the (never-before-seen-to-her) garden, naturally. and naturally i took a bunch of pictures before taking her out (don't tell j;). the boys ran around and played with sticks and chalk and the dog, being regular kids. it was w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. and i am so thankful that they made the trip to see us.

but i think what i value the most from this visit is a realization i had of how much i learn from my friends. have learned and am still learning. i think that from my parents i learned how to be. and from my friends, especially the friends i have now, i am learning how i want to be. is that strange to say? i am always impressed with them, so much. and i don't know if they realize it (probably not). this isn't to heap flattery on anyone or compliment anyone (don't go getting big heads guys!;). it's just a realization i had of how much i have to learn from these dear ones close to me.

what i mean to say is that i am so thankful to have companions whom i admire and love and look up to. i count myself so blessed. thank you friends for showing me how to love. how to accept. how to be gracious and kind. how to take care of people. how to be selfless and loving. i think it's fair to say that what i am seeing in you is actually God Himself, shining in you. so, thank you for showing me who i want to be. thank you for bringing God to me.

and now for the photos:)




  1. Sweet post, now my head is big :). But really, very sweet and I'm so glad you and your old friend had such a lovely time.