Tuesday, April 5, 2016

weekly portraits


so much for the "weekly" part of this portrait series as it's been a month? more? since my last weekly portraits post. i feel fine with that though because i have taken almost daily photos of these kids since the new year so i feel i am keeping to the spirit of the idea;).

and here is an actual weekly portrait for you! in fact, it's been so long so i decided not to just choose two! many portraits for you! i don't know if you've noticed (i definitely have) but i've gotten more photos of evie lately, and i feel bad about it, but the fact is, wilder is getting too fast! he is like a constant blur these days, and i love it. but my camera does not love it. even evie is really really testing my photo-taking-capacities. oh and also? i broke a lens the week before we went to charlottesville. :( super frowny face here because lenses are not cheap. the one i have left is really great for outside and large spaces, but not so great for inside or with kids out and about when you can't exactly say "stand here and wait while i run over there to take your photo"! but enough about that. let's talk about my poppets! ;)

the last two weeks have been pretty busy with travel and out-of-town guests, and while those kinds of things are always fun for us, i often feel like my kids get a little lost in the mix. wilder especially has a harder time having to share my attention with other people and new places. he has been an amazing trooper and has been entertaining himself really well, but i could still tell that he was a little off. so this morning i put aside my to-do list even though we were running low on groceries and spent some time with my babies without any distractions. we went outside and watered the garden, evie rolled around in dirt and desperately tried to get into the street, and wilder told me stories. it made us all happy.

turns three in 5 days and likes to ask "who old am me now?" :D
got his first paid-for haircut a few weeks ago and was such a good boy throughout it. (iPad helped;)
has asked for a bug birthday party, which is hilarious because he hates bugs in real life! and so do i!
comes to sleep in our bed every single night, which is so sweet but not so good for the sleep;).
met his great-grandparents in roanoke, va last week and loved everyone.
is very attuned to auditory input and has somehow associated one of the songs from one of our videos with me and will ask to hear "mommy's song".
still always seems so much older than he is. my old soul darling. and so helpful now!

has outgrown her infant carseat finally (well probably a long time ago haha).
can say "bath", "ball", "bubby" (for wilder), "baby", "bye-bye", "bunny", "bed", "papa", "mommy", and "milk". they all sound the same. haha! except for the last three. milk is "mi-mi" and mommy sounds like "ah-mi". papa is the easiest one of course. i love her little words so, so, so much.
was laughing so delightfully in the bath the other night when it was just me and her and i realized that i rarely give her real one-on-one face time. i hold her all the time. but i don't interact the same way i used to with wilder when he was my only. poor second child!
also has almost no interest in books for probably the same reason. :/
comes and climbs into my lap or tries to climb up my legs a hundred times a day.
has 8 teeth.
is not much of a breakfast eater. so weird!
is still falling every three steps (teeny tiny feet!) but is basically a biped now!



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