Wednesday, April 6, 2016

saturday morning at greenleaf park {charlottesville}

on saturday we had planned to go up to Carter Mountain to do an easter egg hunt with the kids, but reading about it the night before we found out that neither of the kids were old enough to participate. it actually was probably a good thing we changed our plans, because it allowed us to have a slower saturday after friday's outing-packed day. we still managed to do a lot though! we started out with breakfast at la taza in belmont. it's funny because since j grew up in charlottesville we did very little research and planning for our trip, other than picking a hotel (the graduate hotels are amazing! an absolute must if you are traveling there.). however, when we got there we realized that a lot has changed in charlottesville since j has lived there (almost 15 years!) and that some of the places have gotten super cool and interesting, like belmont. it is such a cute little area that we will have to go back and explore more one day. anyways, breakfast at la taza was really cute. right next door there is a fun little i love charlottesville a lot sign that we had to grab a family photo in front of.

after breakfast, j drove us around a little and we ended up at a park. the trees were out of control and everything was in full bloom. everywhere we went the beauty was nonstop in your face. i basically wanted to stay there forever.

a bunch of families were at the park and it was obvious that they had just had an egg hunt because there were still leftover (emptied) eggs on the ground that evie found. good thing she doesn't really know what they are for. wilder learned how to say "happy easter" and said it to everyone we met, which was funny since he also does not really know what that means and didn't get to hunt for any eggs this year, haha. next year! although really, both these kids had a lot more sugar on this trip than usual, so i don't think they missed out on anything.

a little boy kept coming up and aggressively talking nonsense in her face and i think this was her going into her shell face. such a sweetie.


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