Wednesday, April 13, 2016

family road trip to virginia part 1 {charlottesville} {a film!}

we made a little (ha, or not so little!) video of our family road trip to charlottesville, virginia from a few weeks ago. it's a little longer than our previous videos, so hopefully you aren't bored out of your minds. ;) it was so hard to edit our footage from four days! and actually we are planning to make a part 2 video of our sunday afternoon with j's family in roanoke. this was definitely a labor of love, and i adore having these little moments with my family captured on film. i'm pretty sure the kids are the stars of the show, as always. j's not too bad in those red sunglasses either. :)

hope you enjoy!


  1. I had heard a lot about the Virginia Creeper Trail. But when I reached there with Dr Ron Virmani, It is certainly one of the most popular and beautiful bike trails in the eastern part of USA. Such a wonderful place it was !