Tuesday, April 12, 2016

wilder's first (disposable) camera


for our charlottesville trip, wilder's aunt (tatie jamie) gave him a disposable camera to take his very own photos! it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift, and i think i was even more excited for him if that's possible. i don't know if he completely grasps the camera thing, although he does recognize that i am always taking photos because the other day he saw a character in one of his books holding a camera and he said it was mommy (ha!). i think it's so weird that kids these days will not really grow up with film and the whole having to take their roll of film to get it developed and not knowing what they will get back for like a whole week!

it's also weird to me to think that when j and i started dating (9 years ago last month!), we were still using film! i actually remember saying that i wouldn't ever go over to digital (ha! never say never!). photography is actually one of the things that we bonded over first, so it is a near and dear thing to our combined hearts. and even though i have only dabbled in photography over the last 10 years or so, i love it so much, so it was fun to see my little boy loving it too. but because all my cameras are digital now, it's a very different process to point and click at something and then not see your results right away. but i think he did a great job for his first try! most of the photos were not terribly exciting (or well lit) but i really love this one below of me, evie and j. and it's still thrilling to go pick up your photos weeks later. ;)


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  1. this is the coolest idea ever! love it!