Wednesday, May 11, 2016

a biking on the beltline date {a film!}

a few weeks ago, j and i went on a bike riding date on the atlanta beltline. j was an avid bicyclist for years when we lived in austin, before we got married and moved to atlanta. he actually has a nice mountain bike that's been sitting in our garage for 4 or 5 years. i feel bad that he doesn't get to take it out much, but working + young kids + living in the 'burbs just hasn't been kind to his bike-riding love. so anyways, we rented a few bikes and biked the beltline to ponce city market where we had a quick lunch and then hightailed it back to return our bikes and relieve the babysitter. it was my first time on a bike in 8 years! the last time was also on a date, before we were married, and my bike got a flat tire. also, it was not my bike, and i'm not sure if i even helped fix the flat. oops! sorry johnmark! thanks for letting me borrow your bike!

it was a quick and fun date out, and of course we had to make a little movie of it. i was nervous since it had been so long and i just felt so uncoordinated, but it was so fun! i love bikes! and it made me really, really wish we lived in the city where we could do this more often. also, we probably hit the bike date idea right on time because it is already warming up to the point of too warm for bikes in my opinion. i just noticed that i talk about the weather an awful lot. what's up with that? anyways, for your viewing pleasure! behold! another date movie!

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