Friday, May 13, 2016

weekly (monthly?) portraits


hat weather is upon us! we are pretty thrilled with all the opportunities to chase down the last of the dandelions, dig in the sand, and come home with dirty feet. this summer is going to be so great, i can tell, since now both my kids are able to walk around and play on their own. i'm amazed at how quickly the first year with my babies has gone by. and already 4 months into evie's second year?! how did that happen so quickly!? i feel like it's been eons since i did "portraits" of them, so here goes:

is a singer. literally walks around the house singing made up songs ALL. DAY. LONG. also, he is a mashup genius! there's a bunch of incomprehensible are-those-even-words lyrics in there too though, haha.
for the last week we've been convincing him to stay in his own bed all night. so proud of him.
regularly asks "what do i get after this?" as he eats his meal (even if it's something he likes). i guess we've been bribing him too much? ;)
requests we go to the library to get a new bug book every other day. "bug" includes reptiles. ;)
has been practicing counting to ten in spanish and french and then trying to count back down to one! i did not teach him that.
was completely enthralled by papa's story of goldilocks and the three bears the other morning and kept asking "what happens next?"
is in the stage of wanting to "go to someone's house to play" every day. i guess our house is officially boring? haha.
loves to ask evie questions like: "are you hungry, evie? yes or no?"

invariably answers wilder's questions with: "no." every single time. and i die every time they do it; it's completely adorable.
is now climbing on our dining room table (did i mention that?), so all our chairs are now on top of the table. this stage is so charming. ;)
likes to say: ball, hat, doggie, milk, bath, no, mommy, papa, bubby, cheese, star, and get down. haha!
has been called a boy twice, which is way better than the zillion times w was mistaken for a girl.
wants to do everything w does and have everything w has and breaks down in tears if she can't (see last picture below)!
is allergic to something that is making her break out in some kind of rash. chocolate? soy? :(
likes to run away.
looooooooooves her mimi (milk)!
doesn't like stickers. literally is annoyed if you put one on her.
likes to say "bye" whenever you close a door or shut a drawer or leave anywhere, haha.
will laugh if you start laughing, even if she has no idea what you're laughing about, which just makes me laugh harder!
also likes to make friends with everyone everywhere! somehow she's still shy though, too. so funny.
still loves to be held, except when there's something to get down and do!


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