Monday, May 16, 2016

a mother's day treat {micro vlog}

on mother's day, j gave me some time off to go do some shopping and stuff without any little people to worry about. i think it's a little funny/ironic that the best mother's day gift is time alone, but it's really kind of true. i actually told j that the only things i wanted for mother's day were a good cup of coffee and a photo with my babies, but when he told me that he was going to take the kids and give me some time to myself i was like heck yeah! haha. it's not that i didn't want to be with my family, but when you're a mom, i think the main thing you really don't get much of is personal space, so you take it whenever you can get it! it's so weird to think that before kids i was lonely a lot! that is definitely an emotion i don't really experience anymore, ha! which is perfectly wonderful to me. but anyways, after i had all my alone time, which naturally i spent running around and doing errands for the most part haha, i came home and we took the kids out for some frozen yogurt. it was actually hands down the best part of my day. here's our little micro vlog about it.

i love my family. they make this mothering gig the best part of life. :)

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