Tuesday, May 17, 2016

w & papa at the splash pad {micro vlog}

on saturday we had some repairs done to our house, so instead of all leaving the house together as we usually do, evienne and i held down the fort while wilder and papa went down to piedmont park's splash pad. normally i would hate to be left in the house on a saturday morning, but it actually felt good to be able to have some one on one time with evie and also get some chores leftover from the week done without too many interruptions. i am getting so domestic! i almost even considered baking! ha! but then decided to watch a movie while evie napped instead. ;)

j and w had a really good time at the splash pad, and i can't wait for us all to go back as a family. i'm sure evie will love it! here's a cute little micro vlog j put together of their morning out. :)

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