Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"me" time


it feels almost silly to even talk about, this "me" time that i constantly hear other mothers talking about, and if i weren't a mother i'm not sure i would really understand how important this time is. i think i see mothers as these all-powerful, all-able, completely unflappable energizer bunnies, and that's where the problem is. because in believing that, i'm basically setting the daily stage for my own downfall, since as all the more sane people out there probably realize (and in the words of miss elizabeth bennett), "i never saw such a woman."

for instance, if you were around a few other adults for 12+ hours a day/7 days a week, it would be totally exhausting and you would surely need a recharge at some point. but if those adults were somehow light (and weird;) enough to climb all over you, incapable of using inside voices, had inexplicably bad coordination/notions of danger, and felt comfortable asking you approximately 10,000 questions a day...? you would definitely need some "me" time.

with wilder, i was mostly able to recharge during his nap times. but ever since i added another to the mix, and even more especially since wilder stopped napping (and staying in his own room at night) about six months ago, it's been harder to find quiet time to myself.

lately it's becoming more and more clear that the only way to do this is to wake up before the kids. ha! but until that actually becomes a reality, i usually just try to get in a few minutes during evie's nap time and after they are both snug in their beds at night.

during those times my favorite ways to spend "me" time are:

1. words on paper. whether it's a simple little list of what's going on in my head or progress on a more creative endeavor, there is nothing more recharging than curling up in a comfy chair and writing something (preferably with a cup of coffee in hand). for me at least, pen and paper are my gold.

2. reading. all. the. books. i almost always have a long list of books i am working on and there is never enough time for them all! so sad.

3. exercise. this hasn't been a big one in a long time, mainly for the sad excuse that it is not very convenient or easy in our current circumstances. sob, i know.

4. bubble baths. this happens so, so rarely, because the only tub is in the kids bathroom. like all the other women in the world, i dream of one day owning a claw-foot tub. ;)

5. opening the Bible, early in the morning. this is such a big one for spiritual and psychological awakening and recharging. i wish i could say it's my daily practice, but for now, it's a daily work in progress.

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