Tuesday, June 21, 2016

on the first day of summer


on the first day of summer, we....stayed home and played with markers. and while i have a thousand not-so-secret wishes and dreams about summer which involve pools and watermelon and sunshine and green grass under bare feet and while i am daily mourning the current loss of those dreams due to  yellow jacket nests and snakes and such, it is summer! and summer is a good time to be happy and carefree and thankful for what you've got.

i've been quiet on this blog for a few weeks, and i've been trying to figure out what exact type of malaise i've been stricken with. i almost wish i were pregnant, because that at least would explain the lack of motivation and energy that has had me lying so low, but no, that's not it. i think maybe i've just been needing to take a break. to have some quiet days where we do nothing big and exciting. where the camera stays in its bag and i step away from all the screens. where the biggest news of the day is my baking cookies or finding a dvd of french language cartoons at the library.

i mentioned on instagram but never blogged about how evie got second degree burns from a cup of hot tea a few weeks ago. we've been taking good care of her, and she'll hopefully heal scarlessly, but i think it caused us all to feel a little emotionally fragile and in need of slow, quiet days. time to heal and slow down and hibernate a little. i actually like slow, quiet days. and while i would love our slow, quiet days to involve more backyard-type play, we are all happy, healthy and sound, and that's what matters.

so! come at us summer! we are ready for all the slow, quiet, wonderfully simple days you will bring. evie in particular has nothing against rainbow-markered days. ;)


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