Monday, June 13, 2016



wilder is becoming SUCH a big boy. i am so loathe to let his babyhood go, but i also love all the adorable things coming out of his mouth these days:

"...Ti, a drink with jam and bread! That will bring a snack to Do-oh-oh-oh." (singing Do-Re-Mi)
"Hawk-a-marine" (aquamarine)
"Wow, it's nighttime out here. I wonder how far it will be night." (As he's tiptoeing down the driveway.)
"Evie is on the table. I can't believe it." (me: "Me neither.") "Who can believe it?"
"C-A-T-E-R-P-I-L-L-A-R-S. Caterpillars. Caterpil-LARS!" (spelling out caterpillars, realizing they are kin to Lars, haha!;)
"She tried to push the chair. It was not too perfect." (about evie, as usual;)
"I want to ride a motorcycle." (um no. never.)
"Papa, i'm three years old, and this is my friend Big Teddy, and he's three, too."
"Mommy, I changed my mind."
(THUMP) (me: "Are you getting on Evie?")  "No, Evie is just having some trouble."
"I'm going to work! Bye Mommy!" (coming back to me) "I'm just joking! I'm not going to leave you!"
"We are in a band." (me: "What's the name of your band?") "Our name is Jack and Jill. I'm Jack and Evie is Jill. And you're Princess Leia."
(me: "Night, night Jack.") "No, I've been Jack. Now I'm Wilder."
"I want someone to play with me!" (me: "Evie can play with you.") "No! I want a person like a mommy with black hair to play with me!"
"Are you (fill in the blank), Evie, yes or no?" (Evie: (invariably) "no.") <---- this makes us all die laughing, every time.

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