hello! i'm rebecca, also known as B. this blog is where i document all the magical, messy moments in my life, and it's also a love letter to my family and future self. welcome!

a little about this blog: i began this blog in 2011 as a way to celebrate all the little things that make up a life worth living. since then, my husband J and i had two children, wilder in 2013 and evienne in 2015, who have made our lives magical, messy, and mind-blowingly wonderful. i stopped blogging for an entire year in 2015 for various reasons, but i loved (and missed) recording all the day-to-day memories of my little family. so that's what this blog is -- a photo documentation of these fleeting, precious, too-good-to-be-true days. it is my b roll, so to speak. it is also a love letter to this family that i love and cherish more than anything.

thanks for coming along to celebrate and document these moments with me!

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